Sand Tray Therapy

For some of us trying to put our feelings into words can be overwhelming.  Being able to express ourselves through the sand tray can be a wonderful way to become more aware of your feelings and communicate those feelings to others.

Sand Tray Therapy is an active, non-verbal expressive form of psychotherapy. It is the process of expressing yourself that matters, not the end result.  It is an effective tool for children, youth and adults.   While sand tray therapy is typically non-verbal opportunities for exploration and reflection can occur with adolescents and adults.  

The essential materials involved in sand tray therapy include:
  • a sand tray (with the bottom painted blue)
  • a collection of miniatures including; people, animals, vehicles, buildings, etc.
  • a source of water.  

The process of sand tray therapy involves touching the sand, creating scenes with the miniatures provided and possibly adding water.  If touching sand has ever brought you a sense of wellbeing you may benefit from sand tray therapy.

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